Happy Employees, Happy Planet :)

The easiest way to launch an internal sustainability program. Give your team exclusive discounts on solar panels and other green initiatives.

Employees save thousands of dollars, the planet gets a little cleaner, and you're the hero that makes it all happen. It's a win-win-win for everyone.

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Why offer sustainability benefits?

Increase employee engagement

Your employees want more from you than a paycheck; they want a purpose-driven workplace. Engage, attract, and retain the best people for your business by taking action on climate.

Protect the

The overwhelming majority of people demand climate action. They want to make a positive impact, and they want companies to do their part too.

Support ESG

Customers, employees, and investors all expect you to take real action on protecting the environment. Reduce your Scope 3 carbon emissions by switching your WFH employees to solar.

Sustainability: More popular than a cup of coffee*

83% of workers believe their workplace isn't doing enough to fight climate change.

70% of people believe corporations in general should do more to address global warming.

80% of people are willing to make changes in how they live and work to address climate change.

* A 2020 survey shows that just 64% of Americans drink coffee every day.

How does Planet Action help?

Planet Action instantly gives you a fully functioning sustainability initiative to engage, retain, and attract the best purpose-driven employees.

Our program includes:

You've just found your secret weapon to being a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

How to get started?

Step 1. 
Quick Onboarding

We customize a program for your company that includes the specific benefits and contribution levels you want to offer your employees. You'll be up and running in just a few days.

Step 2.
Spread the News

Announce your new sustainability initiative and direct employees to our online portal. There they can explore options and start their journey towards solar power.

Step 3.
We Take it From There

When your employees pick a benefit our team launches into action as their personal advisor. Going solar alone isn't easy, but we make it a breeze.

See how Planet Action can transform your company.

Find out how customizable eco benefits can engage, attract, and retain your purpose-driven employees.

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