There's still time.

We like to imagine a future where climate change has been reversed. Renewable energy sources are used more widely, and air pollution and water pollution are no longer major issues. Animal populations are healthy, and ecosystems are thriving. The average person is more environmentally conscious and takes steps to reduce their impact on the planet.

The future is possible if we all work together to protect our planet.

Today though our planet is in jeopardy. Global warming is causing extreme weather patterns which lead to floods, wildfires, and a seemingly endless list of natural disasters. If we don't take steps to protect our planet, things will only get worse.

But there is still hope. If we all work together to reduce our carbon emissions, we can slow down the effects of climate change. It's up to all of us to protect our planet.

Survey after survey shows this. Pew Research surveyed people around the world and 80% said they were willing to change how they live or work to reduce climate change.

How do we take action?

That's a little less clear.

There is no single answer. There are many different ones.

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